New Plugin : Code Runner

Hello Everyone,
I'm working on a plugin which runs the selected piece of the code and prints the output on a dialog box. Till now the plugin supports 7 languages which includes C,C++14,PYTHON,NODEJS,JAVA,GO,PHP.

There may be some instances where you write some code and you want to check the output then without switching to any other compiler you can use the plugin.

It is still in development mode.After completion I will share the link here.
Please share your views and add suggestions.


A great idea!
I have a question though, the code runs locally or remotely? Do you mind sharing how you plan to implement this?

For now I have planned to run the code remotely. But can extend it to run locally.
I'm using an API to run the code remotely.

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I love the idea. Similar to jupyter notes

Thanks. I'm trying my best to implement most of the features of Jupyter Notes here.

I have three choices
1-compiling the code on the local machine
2-Using puppeteer.
3- Public APIs for compiling the code.

Which option is better?
we can discuss this.

hi, is there any update jon this project?