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New Feature Request: hyperlink to a section like html id


HTML supports a hyperlink to a specific section with an ID tag.

For instance, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joplin,_Missouri#History consists of a link to the webpage https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joplin,_Missouri and a section with ID tag, #History. If you click the webpage#tag, then it would directly send you to the section instead of the top of the webpage.

Would it be possible to support such a function with the current Markdown link?

For instance, if we have a mardown page with id :/asdfasdfasdf, then the link to a specific section with an id would be, :/asdfasdfasdf#THIS_IS_THE_HTML_ID. If you click the link, then, instead of going to the top of the markdown page :/asdfasdfasdf, it would scroll down to the section with #THIS_IS_THE_HTML_ID tag.


Yes, I also need this. I composed a document with some references into the same file and didn’t worked.


I second that, this feature, in addition to a TOC, would be very helpful.