Moving docker instance to a new server

I am in the process of migrating my joplin server to a new physical host.
I had been running flosoft's server image - GitHub - flosoft/docker-joplin-server: Joplin Server docker image (v2.3.7-beta) on a Raspberry Pi 4 B running raspbian buster. All my clients have been updated to v2.3 as well.

I got a second raspberry pi with more RAM and would like to migrate the server to this physical host. How do I go about migrating the server?

I used the same docker-compose file on the new server and setup the joplin app and db containers. Using the same domain name too but directing it to the new Pi now. The server sets up fine but now my clients are getting a 'Forbidden' Error while synchronizing.

What are the appropriate steps for migrating the docker instance?

Take the microSD card out of the old Pi4 and put it in the new Pi4. That's what I did.

I have an additional complication that the old RPi is running a 32-bit OS, I was able to install Joplin and run it inside a 64-bit debian container.

For the new Pi, I am starting from scratch with a 64-bit OS

I went to 'Joplin Preferences' -> 'Synchronization' -> 'Re-upload local data to Sync target' and now the synchronization target seems to be updated to the new machine.

So far, both my desktop and mobile client are working fine. Will report any discrepancies.


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