Move ~/.config/joplin-desktop/ to ~/Documents in macOS

This question seems to have been asked before, but I cannot find an answer...

The ~/Documents folders on my Macs are synced using iCloud Drive. The ~ folder is not. I would like to keep Joplin notes synced along with other documents between Macs using iCloud Drive. This would be automatic if ~/.config/joplin-desktop/ can be relocated to ~/Documents/.config/joplin-desktop.

Is there any way to do this? Symbolic link? Config file that can be edited? Seems like it should be simple.


stop Joplin. [really stop it.]
mv ~/.config/joplin-desktop ~/Documents
ln -s ~/Documents/joplin-desktop ~/.config/joplin-desktop
start Joplin

Thank you! I expected this would work, but needed some encouragement. It works great!

I am another Evernote refugee, am I am loving Joplin.

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