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I look forward to the day when he finished, thanks. :smiley:

Not saying this is a bad idea in itself but I think it is important to keep in mind that Joplin is primarily a note taking app and not a general purpose text editor - coding related features like this may well be useful (even in a non-coding situation) but I think it is too easy to bloat the options and features if we aren't careful - it shouldn't be super customisable with all the options under the sun - just the ones required for a good note taking experience. If fancy IDE like features are required then that is why the external editor option is there.

Now obviously that isn't currently possible for the mobile version - it currently has no plugin support and current lack of external editing (or even if it is wanted or possible) but that also brings me to my other point which is that, where possible, the features of the editing experience should be similar between the two versions. The markdown toolbar is being implemented to "catch up" to the experience that the desktop version already provides but the snippet support would take it beyond the desktop version before we have decided if such a feature is actually wanted on that platform.


I can't make it work. How do you use it? I've installed the beta program. If I press an icon, it inserts the appropriate code and highlights it. If I type something it is erased and the code is gone. If I use a space bar, the code is gone. However, sometimes stuff appears as if code was there that can't be seen. I thought it might just be the keyboard I use, but I tried fleksy, android2keepass, anysoftware, and thumb keyboard and none of them worked.

Is there a trick obvious to everyone but me?

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Are you using version 8? Release Pre-release: Markdown toolbar demo (v8) ยท personalizedrefrigerator/joplin ยท GitHub

The earlier versions (still linked above) have bugs!

(If you're still having trouble, please let me know!)

Wow. Now it works! And it looks really nice. Even a search and check boxes actually work! The only thing I've used a lot and is a bit of a hassle is block quotes. Doing the > on my keyboard requires 3 clicks as it is on the alternate to the alternate keyboard. Only really a hassle when I'm trying to do 3-4 short paragraphs and need to do 3-4 of them.

The only slight imperfection I found, is when I use bold italic.

For bold I get four * then for Italic I seem to move over one so I still have 4 asterisks. Which isn't bad but may not be what you want.

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Today, in the process of using Joplin, I thought about whether this function should be added to the PC side, which is very useful. I didn't find the relevant plug-ins. Please tell me if there are any.

When will the merger be expected?

Hopefully soon! I've been breaking it up into multiple pull requests. A large amount of the code used by the toolbar is included in this pull request.

There is currently some disagreement about how the toolbar should look (see this comment on the merge request).

I like the current implementation (perhaps mostly because I implemented it :slight_smile: ) because I can keep individual submenus open while editing. For example, I use the โˆ‘ (math) button frequently and, as such, would like to be able to quickly access it while editing.

The toolbar, as implemented, seems to allow this quick access, but is quite different from the toolbars in similar applications. As a result, this implementation has a learning curve and, thus, may be difficult to learn how to use. (Or, again, this opinion could be because I'm biased :slight_smile: ).

See the merge request for suggestions/a brief discussion about the design of the toolbar. Feel free to discuss the design here!