Mobile Apps share can share as PDF

is that possible to add a function “share as PDF”. This function is very useful when I’m taking note after meeting and wanted to share the output to other people. also sometime I want to share some awesome note to my friend that not IT guys. I can simply open my Joplin apps, select the notes, share as pdf, then airdrop or send email to other one via my mobile.

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I like this idea! I suspect it will be hard to implement on mobile, but maybe someone will be able to do it!

Can I start working on it?

I would also really like this!

I think we could convert the note to html, and from there convert it to pdf using pdf.js or a similar lib. Not sure how reliable it would be but it shouldn't be too difficult to implement.

This library seems to convert HTML files to PDFs... I would prefer to not add a new dependency, especially one used by so few projects though.

It looks like pdf.js only renders PDFs, but jsPDF is much more widely used (than react-native-html-to-pdf) and converts HTML to PDFs.