Missing Digits in Numbered Lists when the number is big

  • Joplin Version 2.5.12
  • Markdown Editor
  • The issue occurs in Windows 10, Android and IOS

Hello. I know this issue has been already logged at the github issues section, however there seems to be no active development on it, and I am wondering what I can do to combat this issue.
This is a quite important feature that I would like to use so I am looking for additional solutions

The issue is this: On the desktop, if I go over 999, the first digit just disappears (cuts off) when it is rendered. I am adding a screenshot of the problem. The same issue happens on the mobile when I go over 99.

I have realized that if I use the other editor (not the markdown one) then there is no issue. However, I do not have this luxury on the mobile.

What would you recommend me? Has anyone solved this issue? Thanks

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