Mermaid markup visualization doesn't work on desktop

Hello, I’m using portable version of Joplin on win 10 x64 1903


The first markup renders nothing and next markups looks like plain text. Screenshot:

But on android all markups works great.

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For the first one try using two - for the arrows. Once the first one is correct subsequent ones sometimes “fall into line” (I haven’t checked them!)…

graph LR
	A --> B;
	A --> C;
	B --> D;
	C --> D;

Edit: Just checked on Android and it seem that the Android client will not display the first one but, unlike the desktop client, will display subsequent ones…

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Thank you.

Thanks for your answer, it was useful, with two hyphens all works great. And you’re right when the first markup is failed all next markups are failing too.

Work’s great, very thanks to all contributors.