Mark / Unmark all Tasks in one List

i have same ToDo List (12 items) for one Job. I check each box after Done.
Next time i have to use the List, i want them all to be unchecked.
Is there a way to do that?

And: In an earlier Version i could check a box with click on the Text belonging to it.
I did not find an option to reactivate this.
Not possible?

Thanks a lot for reading


Yes please! (Third example in this post)

I did not know at all what these answer should transmit?

Sorry too vague :grin:

I meant this paragraph just to illustrate your point.
Hoping someone turns it into a plugin.

Hi all,

Hopefully I've got it right, is it a single note where the lines start with - [ ] ?
With Mac OS, you can make discontinuous selections by holding down the 'cmd' key.
Therefore, I select only the 'x' in the checked boxes and type a space to uncheck them.

On a Linux or Windows PC, is it possible to make this type of discontinuous selection?

Sorry, the only way i found for doing this automaticly is:
Copy All
Paste in Notepad ++
Search/Replace 'X' / ''
Copy All
Paste in Joplin
But with this few Notes it is faster to uncheck them manualy

And this would be faster if i could click on the text (again as in earlier versions)

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