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Reading mode and directory tree
After taking the notes, when reading the notes, it is very necessary to have a reading mode. In the reading mode, you can only see but not write, and there can be a directory on the far right, which can quickly locate the content on the left according to the directory tree. When the content on the left is swiped, the directory tree on the right will also change, allowing readers to quickly locate the content they are reading now

By directory tree, do you mean the various headings in the current note you are reading? Because there is a plugin for a Table of contents. Two, actually, one that uses the [toc] code and one that adds a panel on whatever side you want.

Also, the rendered markdown mode doesn't let you edit. There is a third WYSIWYG mode, though, that does.

yep, I have used [toc] but it is not what I want, it is more suitable for the scene of pouring out the document for others to see.
What I want is to have a directory tree on the right side, which is equivalent to a knowledge map, to prevent me from finding a way in knowledge.

I used a very different way to solve this problem, but maybe you will like it: vscode-plugin

vscode 查看笔记概览

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