Live preview mode to implement in the future?

Hello everyone!

After several messages about this feature I am not very clear.
This characteristic would make Joplin something very special and much more perfect. Who doesn't prefer to edit with just a single window? :slight_smile:
This feature is supported by some markdown editors, for example:

My question is: is this impossible to implement in Joplin? Could it be added in the future?

Thank you

Isn't it the same as WYSIWYG editor in Joplin?

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No its more akin to Typora or MarkText (and a bit like RichMarkdown) in that it is still editable markdown but it hides any formatting tags unless you are editing that particular element.

I've never really got on with that style of editing and just stick to markdown + viewer.


Ah, I see. Then yes, RichMarkdown seems the closest.

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With CodeMirror 6, this might be do-able. (The mobile beta editor currently uses CodeMirror 6).
See this discussion post.


This is what I can do with the CodeMirror markers:

2022-06-14 09.24.01

However, only for inline parts :slight_smile:


Thank you friend!!! But... how can I install CodeMirror in Joplin?


It is a joplin plugin currently: Plugin: Many enhancement for my daily usage [v1.0.0][2022-08-13]

Only parts of the live preview feature are implemented for now.