List Color: Turn Off or Change Pink Color

Hi. How do you turn off or at least change the color of text when creating lists? When I create a list it is pink. Prefer black.

You could try adding this to your userchrome.css file:

.ace_list {
    color: black !important;

Got the above from this post by @tatoosh

In fact the entire "Share your CSS" thread is devoted to CSS customisation so it may act as a good source for any other elements you may wish to modify.


Thanks. Surprised this app uses CSS. Can you explain on a high level what the app is built from? For example, is it somehow HTML 5 with CSS but running as an app? I’m curious.

It is an Electron app ( which uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript behind the scenes. This makes it very customizable. You can see the underlying structure by going to Help > Toggle Developer Tools just like in a browser.


Thanks! That’s very helpful. Now I understand why CSS is valid. Just love the app and the helpful community! Used to be a Evernote customer for many years. Not anymore.

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Starting with Windows 10 build 16215, Windows 10 now includes color filters at the system level, including filters designed to make it easier for people with color blindness to differentiate between colors like red.

This doesn't seem to be working any more. Ideas?

That class looks like it was for the old ACE editor. Joplin now uses CodeMirror. Use the Development Tools to find out what the equivalent class is. I would expect it to begin .cm-

Sorry. I should have said that I looked at the development tools and I couldn't find a class for it. Not even one of the random classes.

But now I look again and I see there is .cm-variable-2 and that does it. But I don' know how to be sure that this class isn't also used for something else. I guess it may be unknowable. It seems to also style ordered lists also. [EDIT: and checkbox lists]

Thanks! Sorry, I should have tried harder.

It looks like .cm-variable-2 affects all lists, including checkboxes, and .cm-meta controls the checkbox square brackets [ ]

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