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List Color: Turn Off or Change Pink Color

Hi. How do you turn off or at least change the color of text when creating lists? When I create a list it is pink. Prefer black.

You could try adding this to your userchrome.css file:

.ace_list {
    color: black !important;

Got the above from this post by @tatoosh

In fact the entire “Share your CSS” thread is devoted to CSS customisation so it may act as a good source for any other elements you may wish to modify.


Thanks. Surprised this app uses CSS. Can you explain on a high level what the app is built from? For example, is it somehow HTML 5 with CSS but running as an app? I’m curious.

It is an Electron app (https://www.electronjs.org) which uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript behind the scenes. This makes it very customizable. You can see the underlying structure by going to Help > Toggle Developer Tools just like in a browser.


Thanks! That’s very helpful. Now I understand why CSS is valid. Just love the app and the helpful community! Used to be a Evernote customer for many years. Not anymore.

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