Feature Request: Editor colors

Recently I noticed that a lot of my notes come from meetings, where I write down

  • items that where discussed and
  • lists of action items that came up.

It ends up with a pretty purple screen as shown in the screen shot below.

I would really love to be able to change some of the colors, especially for the lists to something more pleasing.

The switch to dark mode it a bit too drastically for me though, so I’m looking for a more granular solution, like changing only some colors in the editor.

One thing you could try as an easy fix is to use an external Md editor with more theme customization.
That said, more theme tweaks are possible and will probably get made in the future.

Are you aware you can easily color your lists with userstyle.css?

Some examples:


Well, yes. But I am talking about the editor, not the final layout :wink:

Aaah, sorrry. I thought you're complaining that the "pretty purple" didn't transfer from the editor to the layout. :smiley:

Try using the userstyle.css
That should give you the optimal solution for this

@JamieLanger You can’t change the editor colors with that solution.

There’s a plan to eventually switch the editor to Monaco so at that time we can see about supporting more themes. In the meantime there’s indeed no solution other than using the dark theme or an external editor.

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Do you have any specific timeline in mind, for the Monaco editor?

No timeline in mind but I guess it’s medium priority since it’s blocking further improvements on the text editor.

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In the meantime I found a lovely external editor I use now: Typora.

How do I get the color highlighting back on the editor?