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Keyboard shortcuts reference

Since there will also be a GUI keyboard shortcut editor, do we need a reference for users on how to setup their own custom keymap file, similar to what the CLI client offers?

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I’m not sure we’ll have this reference for desktop as it would require extra user support. The keymap file should be edited from your GUI, because it will take care of validating the shortcuts and json file.

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Right, although I want to be able to edit and create the file manually as well. Otherwise we should create a real binary file instead.
We picked JSON for a reason, so that it can be created/edited manually. I see shortcut creator scripts and other weird things happening.

@anjulalk Please make sure that an EOL at EOF does not make the file invalid. Otherwise the import algorithm cannot import a valid POSIX file and I really would like to make sure that valid files can be imported without having to manually strip the last byte (and actually make it an invalid POSIX file in the process).

We’re only talking about whether we should officially support hacking the keymap file and we aren’t going to do that, or document how to do it.

You’re still free to manually modify it though, but that won’t be supported, and there won’t be a requirement for your changes to work from one version to the next.

Yep, this is perfectly fine.

I was just talking about proper parsing, no matter if there was an EOL at EOF or not.

Yes I mean the EOL issue is really just a property of the sync format, which is purposely kept as strict as possible. There’s no last EOL because in JS it makes it easier to run split("\n") and get one line per array element, with no empty line at the end.

But for other files in general we can be more flexible.