JoplinCloud sharing notes & accounts

If I had an account and I hosted all of the notes on my account, can my family members each have a free account and I share the notes with them? This way I can pay for the hosting and my family can have access to all of my shared notes and I will have access to my notes synced to the cloud privately?

I know EteSync offers something were you can have accounts linked to your own account and allow this account to have fewer permissions to certain calendars.

You can already publish your notes and share the link with anyone without them needing an account. Simply give them the url and they can view them in a browser.

Just saw the plans now, I do not want to publish notes and allow anyone to read them. To my understanding with the basic plan. I can have 10 users under it which means everyone including me in my family can have their own private/personal note synced to Joplin cloud and we can share notebooks between other users which will not be made public.

Is this correct?

No, it's single user only.

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