Joplin Welcome/Landing page (split from Silent updates)

Split from - Silent updates

Atom has a really nice "welcome" & "Welcome guide" that can be dismissed, maintained, or shown again (via command palette) which I think is a nice step above the default markdown notes supplied with a new Joplin install and could perhaps have tighter integration with forums, wiki, docs etc.


Great ideas, I will make a mockup and post it. We can discuss it.

I´m a UI Designer, so I can help. Also animations with After Effects are no problem! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Btw could we split welcome page and design mockups to a separate thread?
Just to keep things consistent with the stated topic. What do you think?


Mockup below - pretty much the first time I've really tried to actually make something from scratch using html and css so it was a fun little distraction.

I should point out in no way am I any kind of UI designer, web designer, developer etc., just an idiot with a keyboard, nor have I designed... anything really before bar using MS paint to throw some random things together.

I basically just "borrowed" some designs from a couple of different applications and threw on some stuff themed on the Joplin website. I think the logo is a tad big and some of the scale is a little off when I've mashed it up into Joplin with GIMP but I've run out of time to play at the moment, interested to see what people think.


Not bad. It would really be handy.

Just brainstorming: Would it be possible/smart to show actual feature discussions out of the community?
So that you accidentally read about a feature that catches you and you go into the community to discuss?

The whole feature request/discussion thing is difficult.

With the current system it means there is little in the way of overhead of managing features but I understand that it can feel frustrating to request a feature or give ideas but have little in the way of feedback only to see the topic close. At the moment system wouldn't really allow for an easy "features digest" etc. unless manually curated.

One idea could be to have an opt-in page (startup/via command/linked in the note list), similar to the welcome page concept, which instead would be a community focused page which could fetch some kind of summary report from discourse (either auto or curated). Could also be used to go into details for the current release with a verbosity not really possible in the brief change log given on github or "update available" dialog in Joplin.

On the discussion of the initial topic I've shoved my... creation... onto github for all to publicly point and gawk at.
I'll reiterate, literally never made anything in HTML (or CSS) from scratch before, have no idea about best practices etc. It is entirely fuelled off boring work meetings and, later, gin.
Yes there are CSS selectors that don't have anything in them (thought I might want to use them later) and yes it doesn't do responsive stuff properly (no flexboxes etc.) as it is purely meant to be a mockup & a fun little distraction project for me and is by no means meant to be something finished.

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Joplin Icon

MP4 in widescreen. I can provide any format.
After effects: Joplin Icon Anim (54.2 KB)


I thought about to use this "Sync provider"-layer for a first-time once message to get more people participate. A little humor could help to get people involved. :wink:

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I think offering help is more welcoming than asking for support in the first place.
If I were a new user, I would not want to get roped in discussions before I was able to check the program, it‘s design and features.


A good point....

We could simply ask in the first default page for participation.

On mobile in dark and bright.

When there is such an international user base, I think this design is far too US oriented. If you are not familiar with the original, it's kind of nonsensical. There must be other ways to encourage participation using a design that is more accessible.

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I totally agree with @wimvan. A welcome page should introduce Joplin's features and onboard new users. Reading you headline and the first paragraph I would expect a user survey or that Joplin wants to activate telemetry, not an invitation to join the forum.

Asking for donations and inviting users to join the forum is also fine. Joplin is also present on Twitter, Discord (and other platform for sure), so these platforms could also be part of a landing page, e.g. "You have a feature suggestions, questions or want to follows Joplins development? Join our forum, follow us on Twitter, join our discord [...]"

Moreover I really dont like this (US) military reference in a notetaking app.


So basically start at Zero. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think we have two options. Integrate into the first page with a call to action for twitter/discord etc. The easiest way.

Or put this page after privacy, with links to discord, twitter and so on.

I`m from germany and know this poster, it is often used in popculture. Yes, we also can make a sad panda or something, but then we kill the sense of humor. Yes I know, humor can be a minefield these days.

I don't think it's starting from zero. I just think another graphic would be good.

One thing that I have noticed is that this online community, and from what I can tell the dev community, is exceptionally friendly. If there was some way that this could be conveyed, that would be great. Also that it's a very active community.

Not sure if it truly helps the discussion but for the history, here's how Element asks for feedback from users:

when application started for the first time it issues a notification. Clicking on it produces this screen.

It shows off where the feedback button is located and what it does. If you click on said button you get this screen

To follow the standard, in Joplin, the packaged plugin might be used that would produce the screens (alike the ones above) for showing off feedback options i.e. possibly integrating current standing polls on the discourse.

On the negatives, if ever realised we're most likely going to get flooded with uninformed questions and answers as even polls are not very transparent for a beginner. Suffice to say, community's not quite prepared for it yet.

Alternatively, in my opinion, a much easier option is just use some survey services like surveyproject / limesurvey and list the most relevant questions for Joplin Cloud users in an old fashioned email.

I am from India, and I find the poster humorous, though I do not know how it may have originated.