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Hello everyone, I am using the Joplin App on different devices (Linux, Windows, Android) with syncing to Joplin Server (v2.13.3), which uses PostgreSQL for storage. Every night a backup script runs which executes pg_dumpall. Everything works fine and as intended, but the size of the SQL dump increases every day by approx. 1,2 MB without adding any new content from user side. Even during vacation with no syncs it increases. If I stop the Joplin Server container but keep PostgreSQL running, the dumps are identical every day. So Joplin Server adds a lot of data to the database every day without user interaction. For example: The today's SQL dump has 154,6 MiB, the complete Backup with the desktop app exports a JEX file with only 19,6 MiB. The web frontend of Joplin Server reports "Total size 29.2 MB (0%)". This ~1,2 MB per day are not a problem for the local storage, but generates unnecessary data for further online backup of the dumps.

Therefore my questions are:

  • What kind of data is written to the database by the Joplin Server without user interactions / synchronization processed?
  • Is it possible to deactivate this behavior?
  • Is it possible to clean up the database with Joplin Server to delete the (presumed) data garbage?

Thanks a lot for your support!

Update: The issue is still present with Joplin Server v2.14.2.

I can't imagine being the only one with this problem, does anyone have an idea where the cause could be? Thanks!

There is already an open GitHub issue, but I am not allowed to post the direct link here.

I'm posting a link to the pull request that's linked to the issue:

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