Function request: Joplin server data export

Postgres is upgraded from 13.4 to 14.0. You need to delete all data and install it completely before it can run
There is a problem. How should I export data from Joplin server before upgrading Postgres? Joplin server usually has multiple accounts, and the data of all accounts cannot be completely exported from Joplin client
It is strongly recommended that Joplin server add the export function. The exported data includes accounts, notes, sharing, etc

I can't speak English. I use Chinese English translation. I hope it can be described clearly. Thank you

Just use pg_dump / pg_restore to export and reimport all the sql data. It's not specific to Joplin Server.

Thank you. I'll study how to use this command first. It would be great if Joplin server could consider exporting and importing. After all, ordinary users are not familiar with command-line operation

I've got this in a note to restore/backup, but it won't be part of Joplin Server since it's not specific to it:


docker exec -it joplin-server_db_1 pg_dumpall -U joplin > db.sql


docker exec -i joplin-server_db_1 psql -U joplin < db.sql

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