Joplin Server: Problems and suggestions caused by the parameter "APP_BASE_URL"

Problems caused by parameter "APP_BASE_URL"

  1. The parameter “APP_BASE_URL” increases the difficulty of reverse proxy configuration. In the built-in reverse proxy of the NAS, only some simple parameters can be defined, and the command: “proxy_set_header Host $host;” cannot be added, which makes it impossible to configure the reverse proxy.

    Although you can install nginx in docker, you need to manually update the certificate regularly, which is not as convenient as the built-in reverse proxy of nas.

  2. A bigger problem: If "APP_BASE_URL" is configured as an external network domain name, the machines on the internal network can only be synchronized through the external network, and the synchronization speed is very slow; if it is configured as an internal network IP, the machines on the external network cannot be synchronized.


When “APP_BASE_URL” is not set, it is allowed to disable this parameter, on the one hand, it can simplify the difficulty of reverse proxy configuration, on the other hand, it can make the synchronization method more flexible.

You could work around this by using a local DNS, like Pi-Hole. With this you can map the external domain name to the local IP.

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After adding the domain name and Intranet IP using hosts, the certificate cannot be trusted and cannot be synchronized.

Please provide the exact line of your set APP_BASE_URL with a placeholder like