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Laurent spoke of this in May when it was seen that Joplin Server was v2.7.4 but Joplin Cloud had a later version number and appeared to now be a separate package amongst the GitHub releases.

So whats the difference between joplin server and joplin cloud?

Joplin Server is what we can self-host for free and "Joplin Cloud" is the paid-for sync server service that Joplin provides ("").

From what I can tell they both started out the same. We got to self-host the software Laurent also used to beta-test and provide the Joplin Cloud paid service he offers. However there were updates to the server software that only really applied to Joplin Cloud. The reference to Stripe (above) indicates this work was to do with payment processing etc., something the self-hosted server does not need as it is for personal, non-commercial use only. So in GitHub there appeared references to "server-v2.x.x" and "cloud-v2.x.x"

The GitHub tags shows what @joplin_user noted, in that two updates have been made in the last four days.

So, in answer to your original question, yes, Joplin Server is still being maintained. Which is nice :slight_smile:

For those hosting Joplin Server on ARM it appears florider89 has already pushed the server-v2.9.2 docker image (along with an amd64 version) to docker hub.

Before anyone asks, florider89's docker image is one of the "unofficial" ones listed in this forum post.


Yes I've been trying to upload 2.9 for the past few days but it's not working for some reason. I will try again this week


Thanks for the update. As I use a RasPi I have tried @florider's image.

As a result I do have one very minor, very petty request for a future release that has absolutely no effect whatsoever on the functionality of Joplin Server.

Joplin Server has provided everything I actually need for several versions now. However I was hoping for one change that was mentioned in a post by someone quite a while back.

Any chance of a Joplin favicon?

For reasons I guess only a psychiatrist could explain, THIS:


irritates me to a level that can only be described inversely proportional to its importance!!! :slight_smile:


Yes it's still in my list, and it's true it's needed.

I wonder if we should use a different icon though, maybe a J in a cloud or something.

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Personal opinion is that the Joplin "J" icon is fine as it is, however,

JoplinCloudIcon ??