Joplin, Postgres and apache


I want to install Joplin in a Docker server that I own.
Here is the thing I've been looking for anyone that has done, this but no information anywhere and I'm not a specialist at the docker side.

So I want to install Joplin, PostGres and Apache each of them in their own docker instance instead of being only on the Joplin docker with all three.

As mentioned before I didn't see anyone doing this and if it is in possible.

So if it is possible can you guys point me in the right direction and share guide or documentation.
If this is the wrong forum I will go to the Docker and check in more generic configuration instead of being specific for Joplin.

Thank you.

Hello, I'm not sure if I understood you correctly. But maybe my setup is similar?
(You also don't specifically mention Joplin Server, I'm assuming that's what you meant.)

I have one docker-compose file for my databases (Postgres), and another for my apps (Joplin).
I put them on the same 'shared network', created a Postgres user and DB manually, then entered them into Joplin's config.
It worked without any issues.

I can't help you w/ Apache, tho.


The docker yml on github for the joplin server does exactly this...

You will get 2 docker servers running, one for db one for the app

Hello @zblesk,

That is exactly what I'm looking for, but I'm struggling with the network side of docker.
Another thing, do have access from internet to the Joplin server?

hello @kja999,

That the configuration of the Joplin Server to a PostGres DB, the same question still relies at my end.
I do believe is "me problem". I'm not understanding how can I can make the Joplin Server see the PostGres DB docker.

Ah, that's been a long time ago.

I think you need to create the shared ('overlay', or whatever) network manually.
Maybe sth like:

docker network create shared-net

Then you need to add both containers to the network.
My compose file for the server does it like this:

(hostname is also the name of the DB container.)

(analogously for the DB.)
Don't forget to up -d your stack after you've saved your changes.

@zblesk and @kja999

Thank you for the assist, now I have another small configuration problem.
I know I can ignore the TLS certificates, but I want them to work. For that reason I asked for the Apache, I see some people using NGINX, either way I need to understand how it works in terms of the reverse proxy and if it is possible to use this without the reverse proxy.

I've never wanted to use it without proxy, and I know nothing about apache, so I can't help you there, sorry.


What do you use for proxy server in your environment?


are you using it in the OS or docker?

Nginx is installed in the OS.
My setup started when I didn't know docker. :grin:

@zblesk Thank you Joplin is working with nginx, I can login. I have another issue that is with email, for some reason I'm getting 403 error I will have to look into that and most likely open a forum case.

Thanks again. :smiley:

I would post a question like this as an "ask" for a Joplin Server on Turnkeylinux org. That said, I would also think that a "unified" app with Joplin, Postgres, Apache, Postfix (and perhaps also Nginx as part) would be the goal rather than separated components.

Sounds like you have it running though. That is cool.