Joplin-server : docker-compose and swag (nginx) configuration files example

So... I wanted to contribute by posting here an exhaustive example of the configuration I did.

Using the following docker images, I'm running joplin-server on my Synology nas:

  • linuxserver/ddclient : This updates my domain provider (OVH) with my NAS public IP address.
  • linuxserver/swag : This manages my ZeroSSL free certificates automatically and runs the reverse proxy (nginx). This also runs a few other things that protects me better (eg: fail2ban)
  • postgres:13.1 : Database server used by joplin-server
  • joplin/server:latest : Well... The joplin-server that allows me fast synchronisation and sharing notes on the internet.

Unfortunatelly, upon clicking "Create Topic", I'm getting "post cannot contain links".
I then edited my post and replaced all https by hffps but it would still complain.

How can I share my configuration files details ?
Should I send my post to someone for review first ?

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