Joplin server: any up-to-date howtos?

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I've tried several how-to's to make a stand-alone Debian Joplin server install. However, each and everyone is outdated. This mostly applies to nodejs and npm. When I try to install Joplin server (for instance via the tuturial Hi-Ko posted and has at his Github spot) I run into troubles with missing nodejs modules that I can't resolve and lots times npm build fails miserably. This might be because I try to install a quite up-to-date version of nodejs (one that hasn't run out of maintenance) like v20. Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction?

There's no better and up-to-date how to than the Dockerfile:

Hey that's not a bad idea. To be fair to Hi-Ko, he is just missing a lot of steps on his github. Mainly it's OK but you need to do a lot more than just the steps he is mentioning (like building the packages, there is no but a custom file called with a option to 'run' it, the service file and the do not offer an option to have config file etc etc.). But it's a good start. At least (this is my third try) I have it running. I can't reach it just yet (apache config) but it's runnning :slight_smile:

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