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I've set up Joplin Server using docker on my VPS with nginx as my reverse proxy. I can view the web interface, change the admin password, configure a new user over email, and /joplin/api/ping returns "Joplin Server is running." However, I cannot sync with my server. The error in the desktop and mobile clients is "could not upgrade from version 0 to version 1." When I check the logs in the Joplin Server docker container I see the lines App: GET /api/items/root:/info.json:/content (404) (2ms)
12:47:02 0|app | 2024-02-06 12:47:02: [error] App: 404: GET /api/items/root:/info.json:/content: YGmg7Z1IJH8JTsIOAahHv3: Not found: root:/info.json:

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