Joplin on hosted Server


I have few notes which i want to publish on web as read-only that no one should able to modify…However can read or search?

Please advise how to launch in a server and also make the notes as read-only for any viewer which sees the page


Run the Joplin terminal version as follow

joplin --profile /path/to/my/joplin/profile server start

For the read only, I think it’s impossible without changing the system right on the filesystem

I think to make it read-only make the edit option as configurable menu…when it is disabled or not enabled, save should not happen or read-only option via configuration so that when any user tries to change…nothing happens…an alert might be useful…

Moving the notes to web without making it as read-only makes it viable…

Sometime we may like the user to edit…In other cases, we would make the user to view it…

Please consider this option