Joplin is the best (for my use case), and no one else can prove me wrong

I was an Evernote defector, jumped through multiple note-taking apps, and found my zen in Joplin.

I have a self-hosted Nextcloud server, free of charge from my home, so WebDAV sync is a must, E2EE is cherry on top as my Nextcloud box is encrypted at rest.

Before this, I was using Nextcloud Notes/QOwnNotes for notetaking, and Markdown is an essential part of the workflow. Some LaTeX would be nice for math stuffs.

Cross-platform is also a must for me: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android. I have multiple devices on all of these OSes, so having a good support on all of these platform is great (love that Joplin uses electron so cross-platform app is a lot easier to deal with). Nextcloud Notes sadly doesn't have a half decent iOS app (CloudNotes is a joke), and QOwnNotes doesn't even have a Android app.

Then, I did my research with, and found only 3 candidates for my new pick: Joplin, Obsidian, and Standard Notes

I dabbled with Obsidian during my research on this, but no WebDAV, 3rd party WebDAV sync doesn't work on iOS, on Android it messed up my notes during my juggling between platform test (taking notes on 1 device, save, move to another, sync, take notes). Joplin, on the other hand, was really smooth (aside from some lags on desktop apps)

Standard Notes was out ASAP because no Markdown on free version

That's it. Joplin is the best for me, and if you have the same need in a note-taking app as me, Joplin is also the best for you!


Hey there, welcome to the forum and thank you for your kind words

This post made me think once again that I wish we had some kind of "thank box" for new users to see. So far all those thanks letters have been spread out over the forum, discord, reddit, etc. So, it's hard to review all that if you're new to the app. On the opposite site, many upset users go just straight to google play and leave 1 star one liner review with no chance to respond or fix the problem.

Subsequently, if you have a chance to repost this to some other review sites (, Google Play, Apple app store), that would be a great help!