Joplin file manager doesn't work when importing

Hi. I have this weird problem where every window Joplin opens only shows squares instead of characters. The import file selector screen is affected by this, and shows no files. The "about" screen is also affected.

Joplin v1.4.16
Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS
Gnome Version: 3.36.3
Windowing System: X11

@fluttertubes welcome to the forum.

Are you by any chance using an unofficial snap package?

Have a look at this post.

If you are using a snap package you could instead try using the AppImage installer script found on the main Joplin page at Joplin

Thanks! That worked.
I just installed it on the official ubuntu software center, but yes I guess they use unofficial snap packages. Installing it with the script solved the problem. Thanks :slight_smile: