Joplin doesn't watch external editor nvim changes

Joplin 1.0.170 on Windows 10.
Neovim 0.4.2 as external editor.
log.txt (2.5 KB) log-database.txt (347 Bytes)
The debugging console prints nothing at all.

I'm trying to use nvim as my external editor on Windows but Joplin ignores the external changes. Same with nvim and nvim-qt. Changes made in Notepad are recognized upon saving.
Neovim launches normally and loads the file but neither :w nor :x nor clicking the "stop watching" button in Joplin causes the note to be updated. Any changes I try to make in nvim are lost.

What to do? :frowning:

If you press :w and then open this file in Notepad, can you see your changes?

I edited in nvim, then :w, then opened the saved file in C:\users\alazy.config\joplin-desktop\edit-{a hash} in another editor (e.g. notepad) and the changes are there, so nvim saves the file correctly.
If I click ‘stop watching’ I see that the temporary edit-{hash} file in .config/joplin-desktop is deleted.

Have you tried this fix for gvim? It might apply to nvim as well

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Thanks @CalebJohn! I was able to fix it by executing :set backupcopy=yes within nvim. I expect I’ll be able put that in my init.vim to fix it permanently.