Joplin does not uncrypt notes

With the last version of yesterday, Joplin does not uncrypt new synced notes

I have the same. Maybe for partly different reasons because it started already on Saturday before the upgrade.

Edit: It now takes almost three times longer (12 sec) for the Android app to start than before the upgrade.

I would not care about it until this behaviour had been fixed. Because before that, Joplin ran well. So I think it’s temporary;)

Just upgraded to latest versions. Problems on both win and Android persist. Syncing on Android gives me "Last error: [object Object]. On desktop no message. Notes created on either platform won’t get decrypted on the other. I use Nextcloud.

seems to be fixed with Joplin version 1.0.152

@ipra, which version is it?

@ipra, can you post the log statements before this error message?


I have now reinstalled Android app a few times. Decrypting always stops between 3000th and 4000th of my 7000 items.

Every time I open the app again it decrypts the next 6 to 7 items. And stops. Seems like it cannot fetch resources that are on the server (Nextcloud).

I can create new notes on And and they sync to desktop. And vice versa. So, the problem seems to concern only my old resources/items. Which are, for now, unusable on And.

Anyone else having the same kind of problem?

Error log screenshot here below.

1.0.252 solved all my problems and more. After upgrading Joplin decrypted 3000 resources in a couple of minutes. The three options for downloading resources in the UI is a great new feature. Thanks, again!