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Joplin does not uncrypt notes


With the last version of yesterday, Joplin does not uncrypt new synced notes


I have the same. Maybe for partly different reasons because it started already on Saturday before the upgrade.

Edit: It now takes almost three times longer (12 sec) for the Android app to start than before the upgrade.


I would not care about it until this behaviour had been fixed. Because before that, Joplin ran well. So I think it’s temporary;)


Just upgraded to latest versions. Problems on both win and Android persist. Syncing on Android gives me "Last error: [object Object]. On desktop no message. Notes created on either platform won’t get decrypted on the other. I use Nextcloud.


seems to be fixed with Joplin version 1.0.152


@ipra, which version is it?


@ipra, can you post the log statements before this error message?




I have now reinstalled Android app a few times. Decrypting always stops between 3000th and 4000th of my 7000 items.

Every time I open the app again it decrypts the next 6 to 7 items. And stops. Seems like it cannot fetch resources that are on the server (Nextcloud).

I can create new notes on And and they sync to desktop. And vice versa. So, the problem seems to concern only my old resources/items. Which are, for now, unusable on And.

Anyone else having the same kind of problem?

Error log screenshot here below.