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Joplin creates a lot of remote items

So, Joplin seems to be creating a lot of remote items. And I mean a lot more than actual notes I've got in total. I'm not sure what's going on here.

The dev console gives me a lot of these, but I'm not sure if that's related

Some other stuff from previously which may or may not be related:

This time it fetched a lot of them, but they don't seem to appear anywhere?

In general this is from revisions or resources. From the number of items you've synced I would guess that you use the webclipper and this is just syncing a lot of little resources that come along with the web page.

What does it mean? When Joplin Web Clipper cuts a webpage, will it add the resources to the Joplin attachment instead of using the original link?

I didn't use Joplin's official Web Clipper. I am not sure, but this will indeed generate a lot of small attachment resources. . .

I am using the data API to backup a bunch of posts from a website. However, I’m not downloading any resources, only text.

This is what I’m posting:

let toJoplin = {
          method: 'POST',
          headers: {
            'Content-Type': 'application/json',
          body: JSON.stringify({
            "id": postID,
            "title": postTitle,
            "parent_id": parentID,
            "body": postWithCommentsAndNames,
            "created_time": postCreated,
            "user_created_time": postCreated

It does have html references to images online tho. As in <img src="link" width=""/> or ![](link).

But I do have to mention that I had deleted all of those notes when I screenshotted this.

Edit: link to full code

Yes that's how it should work, in some cases that can fail, but in general Joplin essentially makes the website available "offline".

In that case I don't think there will be any resources from the websites that you loaded in. But it's possible that revisions from those sites are getting synced around. How many websites did you import and then delete?

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Under Help->Syncronisation Status you can see how many revisions are synced and other items.


I did a lot of testing back and forth, so I probably backed up either 50 or about 120-ish posts at a time, multiple times (50 per page which I usually tested with, 120 when I ran through everything)

I’ll check this when I’m at my PC again tomorrow. I can’t check that from my phone it seems.

It's available on the phone as well, under Configuration -> Sync Status


generally speaking Joplin creates a .md file for everything, revisions (and I mean for each modification to any note), images inserted, attached files ... everything.

The trick is that the remote is never cleaned up (at least for me I'm using Nextcloud). Thus for instance even if the DB has been cleaned up of the old revisions after a while, the .md files corresponding to these old revisions remain on the remote (even though they aren't linked to anything in DB anymore).

This used to piss me off as there was no correlation between the number of files in the remote and the sync information in the app.

Long story short I created a bash script to check what's known to DB and remove everything on the remote of which there is no trace anymore in DB. This way DB and remote are in sync and I don't have anymore a crazy number of useless files on the remote.

I discussed this here : Orphaned revisions (at the end of the conversation)

But just be aware that the crazy number of files on the remote is, as far as I know, normal. Joplin works this way. And basically you don't really have to worry about it, you can certainly let it be as it is.


@p6ril, I wasn't aware there was a bug with revisions not being deleted from the server, I'll take a look.