Joplin Cloud Question

Does Joplin Cloud support sharing a read only notebook? I see 'Sharing access control' on Joplin Cloud Plans | Joplin but it's not clear to me what this means exactly.


It means that another party won't be able to edit the notebook you published. In other words, shared notebook is a static webpage which your collaborators can only read but not edit.

It works well for corporate documentation and informational docs where the other side need only receive the message without altering it.

Thanks for the reply. Would the notebook show up in a web browser or load into the Joplin desktop app? Maybe both are options?

As far as I know the read-only notebook shows up only in a browser.

In any case there's a trial period before paying anything. You can test all the features you're interested in

Sounds good I may just do that. Seems there are some opportunities to add to the documentation around the service offered.