Joplin Cloud 1st sync


I just got Joplin Cloud Pro, its great!

I have two small queries:

  1. The home page for Joplin Coud doesnt seem to have a favicon. There is no icon in my Firefox tab, or for the bookmark. The bookmark is a pain for me as I put my common ones on the toolbar with no text.

  2. I have Joplin desktop installed on EndeavourOS i3, Manjaro XFCE, Archbang, Win10 (all on same Laptop) and Android phone. I am going through each, changing the sync from Dropbox to Joplin Cloud. I have 701 notes. Each time I move on to the next instance of the desktop the sync takes longer and there are more items created on the cloud. Its working but I am intrigued why this is. It was all sinked between the Desktops before via Dropbox, so why when I changed does it need to write so many items to the cloud after the first time that I sync to the Joplin cloud? and why does it seem to need to sync more items (perhaps double the amount?) each time I move to the Desktop app on the next OS?

But, like I said, its working well and this is only on the first sync for 701 notes
I seem to remember I had the same behaviour when I moved from my own RPi Nextcloud to Dropbox based sync.

Thanks to Laurent! :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

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That's a good point about the favicon, I'll add one.

As for the sync operation you could compare the sync status on each app (under the Help menu), and see if there's something off.

Thanks, Favicon looks great!

Its not an issue, just interested, everything worked perfectly - its just the first OS sync was uploading about 3K items, and by the last OS it was over 30K

But the sync status looks right on that last OS:

Note: 740/740
Folder: 3/3
Resource: 3654/3654
Tag: 88/88
NoteTag: 2224/2224
MasterKey: 0/0
Revision: 223/223
Total: 6932/6932

I've noticed a similar behavior when I switched from Nextcloud to WebDAV.

Of course I copied the notes from the NC location to the new WebDAV location first. Then I changed the sync path on my devices and a syncing frenzy bagan.

I never understood what was going on. Each device was syncing way more notes than necessary, especially since actually nothing changed. I had about 900 notes (no history) and about 1100 items (folders, tags, ...) in total. No notes were changed but every client synced at least those 1100 items but I believe to remember that every client synced way more than that. Because when the first client synced something changed on the webdav location, even though no notes were changed. Then the second client had to sync twice the data, and so on...
I let it go at that time because that is usually not something you do every day.

P.S.: This is reproducible.

Maybe it's syncing the item deletions too (which would be a noop, but still a request)?

Could be. I just remember it to be a disproportional number of items that were synced versus the number of items that were changed (none at all) and it increased after every client sync.

This could be it. I've just switched my sync target to a local WebDAV server from my usual Dropbox to do some experiments.
The target directory has been freshly created yet Joplin still logged a bunch of deleted items when trying to sync local deletions to the server.

I cant follow what you think it is, could you explain in layman's terms please?

Anyway, all of my OS's clients are up to date, and considering I have 1250 notes it was all lightening fast

I'm a very satisfied customer!

I didnt realise I could publish notes to the web, this could be very handy for communicating with my students and other things - I will start playing

That would be great
Maybe the Joplin Blue J one sitting on a fluffy white cloud to distinguish it from the forum and homepage favicons?
Just a suggestion

Hi, I'm sure you have bigger worries, but ....
Any plans for the favicon inclusion date?

It's in my to-do list.


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