Joplin API : dealing with Tags during note creation

@laurent :
when we want to create a note with tags, the endpoints behing "POST /notes" does not handle tags.
Do we have to use "POST /tags/:id/notes" endpoint ? if so, does the API expects the tags to be a string of "tag1, tag2" or an array ["tag1", "'tag2"] ?

When I read this piece of code, I feel that the tag(s) are expected to be in “request.body” because in line 325

const requestNote = JSON.parse(request.body);

and later line 344 requestNote would have the tags propery ?

if (requestNote.tags) {

You can indeed pass the tags when creating the note, I forgot to document this. It needs to be a comma separated list of tags. eg. "tags1,tag2".

so with this endpoint ?


POST /notes


POST /notes, by passing an additional “tags” parameters.

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