Issues with lost spaces and formatting while importing ENEX as MD

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Hi, Laurent!
I faced some problems with handling ENEX import.
Problem 1
I faced an issue with formatting during import from Evernote as Markdown.
If in original note formatting text range ends with space symbol (' '), than formatting in Joplin doesn't apply, and formatting symbols goes into formatted text.
For example,
Line '==some text==' renders correctly, and line '==some text ==and another text' renders incorrectly (i.e. it looks same in MD-window/mode and in RTF-window/mode).
The problem is very common (and bothers me in many notes). If you double-click any word in Evernote (to apply bold/italic/underline/marker), it always select the word AND the space symbol after the word. So after applying formatting, the space symbol also inside formatted substring.

Problem 2: I also found empty first row added in all tables imported from Evernote ENEX.

Problem 3. (may be a part of Problem 1):
If original ENEX file has such fragment:

<span style="font-family: inherit;"><i>«some citation»</i>, —<a href="https://somelink" rev="en_rl_none"><span style="color:rgb(6, 85, 136);"> said</span></a> whoever</span>

Than, in imported note in Joplin, it looks like this in MD:
*«some citation»*, —[said](https://somelink) whoever
I.e. space after '—' symbol is lost, which is unwanted behaviour.


Назначения ИММА.enex (2.4 KB)
Example ENEX file.

Screenshot for Problem 2

And Enex file for it:
Онкомаркеры для мужчин, динамика.enex (4.3 KB)

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