Is there any way to check when will Pull Request fixing my problem be released?

I've changed my phone some time ago to one with newer Android version. As it turns out, update to Android 12 broke my setup. I've used Joplin with filesystem sync and this way of synchronization stopped working because lack of permissions.

About 3 weeks ago, I found out that this issue was already reported:
(here was link to issue 6779, which I've deleted since I cannot post more than one link in one post unfortunately)
And even fixed and merged:

So I thought: nice, so I'll just wait for update. And here I am, nearly a month later, still unable to synchronize my notes :slight_smile: Are there any plans to bring this change to production?

It is in the pre-release. There are quite a few changes coming in 2.9 so it needs rather thorough testing before it is fully released.