Is it possible to swap lines of numbered lists?

  • version: 2.6.10
  • it says: I Am using rich text editor so - WYSIWYG
  • OS: Windows 10

I want to swap lines vertically to give them quickly different priority in numbered lists like:

  1. List item
  2. List item 2
  3. List item 3

I found some hotkeys for swapping (in settings) alt+arrow up or down, but it doesn't work. I tried selecting whole line, or click at that line...

Any ideas? Thanks!

Currently, swapping lines is not supported in Rich Text editor i.e. it works only in markdown editor.

And to add to the above the line swap literally only swaps the lines in the markdown editor, it can't promote or demote in an ordered list (which sounds like what you were after, although they will show in the rendered output as having swapped).

1. line1
4. line4
2. line2
3. line3
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Yeah, it would have been useful feature, perhaps you can put it to features section...

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