Is it possible to migrate from Standard Notes to Joplin?

I've been using Standard Notes' free plan for a while and I've found it to be very much lacking and their paid plans are way out of my budget. I started looking at Joplin which seems much more affordable ($26.12 - $83.96 CAD vs $121.79 per year) but I'm wondering how I could go about making the switch since I already have plenty of notes stored in Standard Notes.

Is it possible to export everything from Standard Notes and import them into Joplin in its own folder? For some context, all the notes are in plaintext, though they are all organized into tags.

There is a simple way to find out, that's my guess:

  • check all file formats to which standard can export, and compare them to all file formats Joplin can import,
  • once you have found a suitable format give it a try it with a few test notes

If this fails try to find an intermediate file format (e.g. from a third app) which both apps can handle.

How many text notes are we talking about ? how many different tags ?

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The above link might be of help. The link is to Migrate notes from Standard Notes to Joplin | Programador Web Valencia

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About 160 notes.

Around 10.

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