iPhone: "Take photo" does not add photo to note

When trying to add a photo in the joplin app on iPhone (ios 11.4) this is not possible via “take photo”.
When confirming “Use Photo” the note stays empty.
The same is working when taking a photo from the library.

Just had a look at github and saw that this issue is reported there as well:

Brings me to the question:
Do you prefer opening issues here, in this forum or on github?

The github issue tracker is mainly used for confirmed bugs and accepted feature requests.

If you know that it is a bug, a ticket on github is preferred. However, sometimes it is not entirely clear, whether something is a bug, thus people tend to open a question or problem report in the forum first.

Maybe @laurent can add a section to the web site that explains where to post when.

Just replying to confirm that I am also experiencing this issue on all iOS devices. Unable to insert photos to notes.

Same here. Add photo from librarry works. Add photo by “Take photo” does not work.

iPad Mini 2, iOS 12.0, Syncing with Dropbox API.

Btw: Perhaps some of you other iOS users could take a look at this post and confirm wether you are able to set alarms on todos with iOS devices?