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iOS not respecting custom sort order

When I create a custom sort order for a Notebook on my iMac, then look at the synced notebook on iOS, it does not reflect the same order I created originally. I see that "custom order" is selected on iOS, but it's simply not displaying the correct order.

Also, can anyone explain how the sort logic works? When I go to "view > sort notes by" on desktop, is this setting the sort order universally, or for the specific notebook I am currently viewing. Once I have create a custom sort, then change it back to sorted by title, then back to custom, it seems to remember what I created for the custom sort. Can I expect that it will always remember this? Or does it reset when you change away from the custom order?

It seems that the "sort order" is not metadata that is synced? Is this correct? Sort order is just displayed and saved on the device you're using?

How is there a "custom order" option on iOS, but no ability to drag items to where you want?

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The sort position is some metadata associated with the note, so it will always remember even if you switch to sort by title (which doesn't use that piece of metadata).

It should sync.

The mobile app doesn't have all the features of the desktop app. It's more like an advanced viewer.

Ok, but if it does sync, then why am I not seeing the order properly in iOS? Is this a bug?

Actually, it's not just iOS. When I look at my "To Do" notebook with "custom order" enabled, it does not stay consistent between my PC and my iMac either. The sort metadata does not appear to sync.

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This still seems to be an issue. Makes custom sorting kinda useless.