IOS Local Network Permission (iOS 14)

Not sure if anyone else has this, but iOS no longer syncs with Joplin Server on local network probably due to the iOS Joplin client not requesting Local Network Permission (Settings -> Privacy -> Local Network: Joplin doesn’t appear in the list

Joplin Server 2.2.10 iOS client 12.3.1

It is an issue syncing - no longer works with iOS and local network Joplin Server

Scratch that - if I entered the IP address it added the Local Network Permission! Still get invalid origin on IP address though.
Reverted back to hostname, and get the Network Request Failed error when ‘Check synchronisation configuration’.

I’ve got an app that allows me to use curl on the iOS device, and that can connect to the Joplin Server. Mysterious!

I’ve also added info to
github dot com laurent22 joplin issues 5321#

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