iOS app keeps syncing (iPadOS)

IOS App on iPad 12.9.2
Syncing with WebDAV
iPadOS 16.3.1

Hi all!
My problem: App keeps syncing and does not end. No visible progress. Synchronisation configuration seems to be ok.
Pc’s and an iPhone are synching fine to same destination (WebDAV).
What can I do?
Thx in advance!

If the PC syncs fine to the same target, erase your iOS app (which also deletes the local Joplin profile). Re-install it and sync to the known target. Make sure you have a local backup of your PC / Jop profile before you start. This should re-instate a good copy of all your data on iOS.
If you have a lot of notes and / or a lot of attachments (and a slow connection) use patience and consider not downloading any attachments while testing (switch in config !)

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Problem solved, thank you!

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