Ios app File System Sync

I was wondering if there is anyone out there using File system Synchronisation on iPad or iPhone?

I was able to overcome the self certificates mobile issue on Android by using Syncthing and File System Synchronisation. I Syncthing my Desktop Synchronisation target directory to an Android defined directory. Works like a charm encrypted E2E!

But the problem is not fully overcome… I am trying to replicate the same solution in iOS (using Nextcloud offline feature), but without sucess. I am not sure about the file path to access the Nextcloud offline directory, but I believe that I can’t access it at all from Joplin…)

Any help is welcome.

There’s only limited support for accessing files on iOS. There’s no shared filesystem that is available to all applications. At least not for userland apps.

I don’t think this is even possible.

Maybe @laurent will implement a Ignore TLS cert errors option for mobile devices.

@tessus thank you for your clarification. Looking forward for @laurent implementation of Ignore TLS cert errors option for mobile devices.

For mobile devices there won’t be this option as it’s not technically possible, however as far as I understand it’s possible to add the certificate yourself on the device. If not, there’s probably no solution other than using a TLS certificate from a trusted authority.

finally got it working by getting a certificate from letsencrypt.

I’m looking for a similar solution (file system sync across windows and iOS). Would you mind sharing how you got this set up please in layman’s terms? Thanks