Introduction: Zaid Kesarani

hi and welcome to the community.
Your background sounds quite promising, may you have also a look into the search idea topic.

Thank you @PackElend for your valuable suggestion. I’ll look into it.
can you please tell me how do I contact that project mentor @laurent as no any contact info provided.

welcome and in regard to


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@PackElend by the way Password-Protected notes is also sounds interesting! I have experience using crypto-js library. I have used it to generate encrypted keys for establishing secure connections between client and server in Keymote project. Guide me how do I get started

Hopefully you will get involved in this project. What I mostly like to see into an OCR integration into Joplin is support for image to recognised text correction synchronisation! I mean, to have a highlight into the image the place of text that represents the text that is under the cursor in edit mode like in Abby FineReder.


The point is we need to familiarize with you assess your coding and communication skills.
That can in parallel with you proposal, what can submitted as described

Thanks @zohozer for detailed information on OCR Project. I understood what you are trying to explain. I’ll look into it and will try to implement in the OCR project.

Thank you for your prompt response…I have already started working on one issue which I believe I can solve it and will submit PR once I done.

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That would be fantastic! If you need further assistance from my side please let me know.


do you think you gonna make it?

Hi @PackElend

I have already started working on it. As mentioned here ( we first need to check the feasibility and so I did check feasibility and it’s working fine in Joplin and the results were pretty accurate and it took few seconds to OCR small files and gradually increase with larger text. I have attached demo here:

Now I’m working on implementing more features of OCR as mentioned by @zohozer and GH Issue ( (

P.S I’m submitting my first draft proposal for this project today

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@PackElend Any suggestions please?

suggestion for what, I don’t see a question in your previous post

I mean is there something I need to add in OCR feature ?

apart from given in GH issue

nope OCR is complex enough, depending if it is only for desktop or for mobile as well

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Thank you @PackElend for your prompt response.
Yepp OCR is complex but Tesseract JS made so much easy to implement,
I’m familiar with Desktop only and trying to implement fully for Desktop platform hope someone else will work on Mobile platform too.

welcome but please stop mentioning me answered registered anyway

Ohh I'm so sorry :grimacing:. I'll take care next time.

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you latest PR received some comments, do you grasp the idea behind those comments?