Introducing virajsazzala

Hello everyone!

I'm SNG Viraj Reddy. I'm an Engineering student in my pre-final year, currently pursuing my Bachelors in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. I'm worked on a few projects on building computer vision tools and some NLP chatbots, summarizers, etc.

I've made some contributions to some other organizations in the past, which got me familiar with contributing to open-source projects and also made me fall in love with it.

I've use Joplin quite a bit for my university work. I spent many hours making notes in it, and I've fell in love with it, and I'm excited to help make it even better.

I've taken a look at the suggested projects/idea list and I'm really interested in "AI-supported summary of notes and notebooks" - (5) and "AI-supported categorizing, tagging" - (6).

I've started going through the docs, and have been familiarizing myself with the codebase. Since, most NLP related tasks I've done are in Python, I need to figure out how to do it in TypeScript. But, I'm up for a challenge. I'll get deeper into it and I'll keep you posted. (Any ideas/help regarding this would be highly appreciated!)

Github Handle: virajsazzala

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