Introducing shashwatjolly

Hi everyone!

I am a final year student at Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computing. I have always enjoyed developing apps and scripts to solve problems that people like me face while working. Recently, I developed a browser extension to automatically login to my college’s firewall, which was quite cumbersome earlier.

I have some experience with web development technologies like JavaScript, NodeJS, React and Django.

Some of my project experiences:

  • Software Development Intern at Microsoft:
    • One project was related to developer tooling and another was frontend-related
    • Also learned about CI/CD, collaborative development (used Git) etc
    • Tech Stack: JavaScript, React and GraphQL.
  • Microsoft codefundo++ hackathon 2019:
    • Built a blockchain-based solution for online voting
    • Tech Stack: JavaScript, Solidity, NodeJS

I am quite interested in the following ideas:

  • Support for multiple profiles
  • Hierarchical tags
  • Passwrod protected notes
  • Sharing on mobile

I’m looking into some issues and will start working on them. Anything else I should do?


Welcome to the forums. I'm Brandon and I'm one of the mentors here. If you haven't checked out the Live GSoC Blog, please do. Many of your early questions should be answered there. If you have any others, feel free to reply here. :relaxed: