Introducing Sapsa

Hello, My name is Saptarshi Sabui , an undergraduate student in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at UEM,Kolkata,India.

  • I have prior knowledge of making web application in html,css,js,php and MERN Stack.
  • I will like to work on the project - (5. Web client for Nextcloud).
  • Previously I have made food delivery ecommerce web application for a company based on India with tech stack like php and MERN.

Since the project Web client for Nextcloud is asking for a system that would sync all the notes with Nextcloud so let me you that previously I have worked on this kind project which will synchronize the data with cloud platform when required.

Thank You

great to have you here and warm welcome from the community.
We are looking forward to your first contribution to the code base.
Don’t mind if you ask me for help if you get stuck in the code, I will try to guide you to the right folks but read the GSoC Live Blog first :wink:.

@PackElend First Sorry for the late reply !!! :sweat_smile:
I have few queries :

  1. I have cloned the joplin-Web in my local machine and I was able to run the frontend part made in vuejs successfully but I was having issue with the backend part made in python as it is asking for webclipper in .env file
  2. Should i have to open an account in nextcloud with a service from provider to start working ? Though I have tried but it is having sign up issue.
  3. As mentioned in the project I am trying to make the web client as per the requirements such as backend in PHP and front end in react but I need some help in nextcloud app signup.

Please help.

can you ask your question in the #development and #features where it can be answered adequately, as I’m not familiar with the code in detail.
You are going to need a nextcloud account. If you have a own nextcloud, you can ask @rullzer for support.

Thanks for the reply … @PackElend

Welcome, Sapsa.

If you don’t have a Nextcloud account, setting one up is surprisingly easy and DigitalOcean allows you to get a 50 GB solution going for $10 a month. Its wiki is very in-depth, although, its server hosts are primarily Linux based, so you may need to brush up a bit when interacting there.

@bedwardly-down Thanks for your suggestion … I will do that…

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5 $ VPS should be enough
Linode has a promotion ongoing at the moment

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Yep Nextcloud doesn't ened that much for small dev instances. As long as it runs php you are good :slight_smile: You can even set it up on your own machine.

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Linode is region based too, isn’t it? Clicking that link gave me a $20 per month quote as my minimum for the same setup i have on Digital Ocean.

Either way, it’s super easy to setup. :wink:

I don’t know but the have 5$ VPS as well, at least for CH and The Gambia so it should be the same for US.

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Since I have an account in digital ocean so I have set it up there …

Please help me in solving few queries I have right now :

  1. As I am solving the project named Web Client for Next Cloud so I have to contribute regarding that in the Joplin main repository but there is no such code for the web client .
  2. I have found a repository named Joplin-Web so should I start contributing there … But the code written there is in vuejs and python but the requirement mentioned that the client should be in reactjs and php

Since I have to mention the PR in my proposal and how much I have understand the codebase so please help me regarding this . Can I send my proposal to the mentioned email address for reviewing stating my plans and implementation method.

discussed here

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Thank you …