Introducing Rahat

Proposal: Introducing Automated Testing to Joplin

As a passionate first-year Computer Science student with a keen interest in open source development and a strong skill set in various testing frameworks and frontend technologies, I, Rahat, propose the implementation of automated testing within our organization. Automated testing stands as a pivotal pillar in modern software development, ensuring the reliability, stability, and maintainability of applications.

Benefits of Automated Testing:

  1. Elevated Code Quality: Automated tests serve as guardians, intercepting bugs and issues early in the development journey, leading to heightened code quality and a reduction in production defects.
  2. Swift Feedback Loop: With automated testing, developers, including myself, receive swift feedback on code alterations, facilitating prompt identification and resolution of issues, thereby accelerating the development cycle.
  3. Prevention of Regression: Automated tests act as sentinels, ensuring that new changes do not disrupt existing functionalities, thus averting regressions and upholding the stability of the application.
  4. Cost-Efficiency: By pinpointing and rectifying issues in the nascent stages of development, automated testing mitigates the expenses associated with bug fixing and maintenance in the long run.

Requirements for Testing:

  1. Comprehensive Test Coverage: Ensure that all critical functionalities of the application are covered by automated tests, spanning from unit tests to end-to-end tests.
  2. Integration with CI/CD Pipeline: Seamlessly integrate automated tests into our Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline to enable automated testing with each code commit and deployment.
  3. Selection of Suitable Testing Frameworks: Leverage my proficiency in testing frameworks such as Jasmine, Jest, and Puppeteer to select the most appropriate tools for our testing needs.
  4. Collaborative Learning and Implementation: Foster a culture of collaborative learning within the organization, where team members can enhance their understanding of automated testing and contribute to its implementation and maintenance.

By incorporating automated testing into our development workflow, we can fortify our software products, streamline our development processes, and ultimately deliver higher-quality solutions to our users. I look forward to the opportunity to spearhead this initiative and contribute to the advancement of our organization's software development practices.