Introducing Naisha

I'm Naisha, and I'm currently a second-year student majoring in Computer Science at the University of Washington - Seattle. I have experience in full-stack development and web-development, leveraging skills such as React, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Python, HTML, CSS, Node, and UI/UX.

I use Joplin for most of my notes on my mobile and iPad, and I've noticed that the layout can be better enhanced to account for people of disabilities who may use the app, such as those with physical or motor disabilities, vision problems, or users on the autistic spectrum, etc.

For this reason, I want to introduce a possible GSoC '24 project that focuses on improve the current mobile or desktop layout so that Joplin can broaden their reach to people with disabilities. I would like to possibly discuss with a mentor the scope of this project, where I can elaborate on more details. However, if this is not a feasible project for GSoC, then I would be interested in the project idea of "Seamless desktop application updates" or possibly "Integrate Joplin with voice assistants".

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