Introducing Firos

Hello everyone! I'm Firos K, a final year Computer Science Engineering student from Bengaluru, India. I recently completed an internship focusing on backend development, where I gained hands-on experience with technologies such as React.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, and Node.js.
I have tried the mobile app of joplin from google play store.
I'm thrilled to be part of the Google Summer of Code program with Joplin. As a passionate developer, I'm eager to contribute to Joplin's mission of creating a seamless note-taking experience.
One of the key aspects of any project is ensuring its long-term maintenance and sustainability. To achieve this, I believe in following best practices such as writing clean and well-documented code, adhering to established coding standards, and actively participating in code reviews and discussions. Additionally, I'm committed to staying engaged with the Joplin community even after the GSoC program ends, contributing to discussions, addressing issues, and providing support wherever possible to ensure the project's continued success.
My github handle: firoz3130 (Firos K) · GitHub

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