Introducing carlos.abreu

Hey, everyone!

Currently finishing my Master's degree in computer engineering, I'm also developing an Android application as my dissertation topic.

I've developed some websites using JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. I'm a Google Developer Group organizer since January 2019, where we already organized events of Android, Flutter, Machine Learning and about the basics of Google Cloud Platform.

I'm still looking for good first issues to start contributing and get into the code project :slight_smile:

Carlos Abreu

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Welcome, Carlos. My name is Brandon; I’m one of the mentors here. Congrats on the Google Group organizing. That’s definitely a new one here. :smile:

As a student working on your Masters, have you thought about working on any of the more complex bugs in the Issue Tracker? Most of the participants here are pretty fresh with working on large codebases like Joplin, so Good First Issues are ideal for them but aren’t absolute. The more complex the issue you tackle with success, the more complex your Proposal can be, and even those aren’t set in stone as long as they apply to Joplin in some form or another.

Outside of reading the GSoC Live Blog up top or pinging Stefan (@PackElend) or I with questions here, i hope to see what you can do. We’re here to see you succeed as long as you’re willing to work for that success. :wink:

I have just scanned your proposal.
If you are really interested in the GSoC, why not contributing to Joplin’s code base?

anything happening here?

Hi, @PackElend!

Yes, working on it.

on what?

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